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Conway Glass
708 12th Ave.
Conway, SC 29526
tel: 843.248.3558

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708 12th Ave
Conway, SC 29526
United States

(843) 248-3558

Conway Glass offers quality glass and mirror products. Stained Glass, Shower Doors, Mirror, Insulated Glass and Blown Glass. We are unique in that we design, handcraft and teach about this amazing material.

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We’ve been running our glass business as a team for over 30 years. We made it through floods, the recession and lots of “learning experiences.” Here you’ll get an inside look at how we make glass and run our business. We’ll showcase brand new products we’re making, and share our glass and artistic life.

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Ed & Barb Streeter

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Barbara Streeter

Pic of the Month

Jelly Fish Chandelier

I have a love-hate relationship with the internet. Some might say, what’s to love? I’m an information junkie and design glass, that’s why I’m there everyday. I’m forever drawn into the data spiral. Discovering pics from around the world is a source of constant inspiration. Is that a bad thing? Yes, it can sometimes be addicting, that’s the part I hate.

My love affair with information began early. At age 9, my weekly treks to the library were only limited by the weight of the books I could carry. Back then, a five book limit also caused me great anxiety. I can still hear my mother warning me not to check out more books than I could carry home.

Today, whether you live in the middle of no where or you’re stranded at the airport, art is at your fingertips.

I think the internet and social media are great places to learn about art and design. We can now promote and share information with thousands of people in minutes! Conway Glass is keeping pace with marketing and product trends. We share tons of info on our Pinterest, Facebook and Instagram pages. Thanks to our friends and followers, our Jelly Fish Chandelier was our best performing post last month!

Did you know that 65% of our customers live outside of Conway? To make shopping easier we’ve added a SHOP ONLINE page to our website.

All prices include packing and shipping. Look for new products each month.

Visit us in the gallery at 708 12th Ave or call us at 843-248-3558.

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Barb & Ed

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