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708 12th Ave
Conway, SC 29526
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Conway Glass offers quality glass and mirror products. Stained Glass, Shower Doors, Mirror, Insulated Glass and Blown Glass. We are unique in that we design, handcraft and teach about this amazing material.


We’ve been running our glass business as a team for over 30 years. We made it through floods, the recession and lots of “learning experiences.” Here you’ll get an inside look at how we make glass and run our business. We’ll showcase brand new products we’re making, and share our glass and artistic life.

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Ed & Barb Streeter

Dorian Inches Towards SC Coast

Barbara Streeter

We’ll be open as soon as possible after the storm passes. If you are in Dorian’s path, please heed the warnings from local officials. Everyone’s hurricane kit should be ready.

Prepare NOW

  • Know your area’s risk of hurricanes.

  • Sign up for your community’s warning system. The Emergency Alert System (EAS) and National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) Weather Radio also provide emergency alerts.

If you are planning on riding out the storm, here’s our favorite Hurricane Cookbook. Stock on these non-perishables and try to eat healthy. If you are stir crazy… Here’s a hurricane cookbook for those of you who desire the comfort of bacon…Bon Appétit

Traveling is frustrating during evacuations. Two apps that we’ve found helpful are WAZE and Gas Buddy. WAZE give you up-to-the-minute news on traffic delays, road closures and the fatest routes. Gas Buddy will help you find the gas stations that open and the lowest prices based on location.

If you live in Horry County - this is a list of important information you need to know.

Please Share!

Please Share!

Hurricane Supply Kit.jpg

Possibly, Maybe, Probably, Dorian

Barbara Streeter

Dorian Ramblings…

Conway Glass 708 12th Ave. Conway, SC

Conway Glass 708 12th Ave. Conway, SC

On the Home Front

Conway is a charming town located in the South Carolina low country. We're surrounded by nature, swamps and the Waccamaw River, wildlife abounds. This week is a little different than others though. I await current updates from the Weather Channel and my mind is racing. I’ve retrieved my handy hurricane survival guide and of course, I called my Mom. My little list of links, apps and recipes helps to get us through the Hurricane.

On Sunday, September 1, the Weather Channel reported Dorian is five days away. I assured my Spartanburg family that we’d head upstate if the storm is a category 3 or 4. Otherwise we’ll shelter here in our home. If we flood out we’ll head to our studio and camp out for a few months. So I’m resigning myself to the fact that we will lose our adorable little cottage on the pond. It breaks my heart, but in life there are no guarantees.

Conway, South Carolina

Conway, South Carolina

In the Glass Studio

But what does that have to do with glass blowing? Nothing! I have a full list of to-do’s for the next two weeks in the hot shop. Our schedule is to be up and running mid-September and classes begin October 4th!


Sign Up Early for the Best Times

I’m super thrilled that the new color has arrived! I surveyed friends on Facebook to find out what colors they yearned for. Those responses inspired me to mix up some new reds, blues, purples and blue/greens. The colors are in my head right now and I can’t wait to experiment and share those colors this fall. Experimenting with color is one of the most interesting parts of the process for me in the hot shop.

Ed Streeter - Glass Guru

Ed Streeter - Glass Guru

This summer Ed has been working on the glass furnace. He has restored the shelves, installed new coils and is rebuilding the furnace door. Once that's done we’ll clean the hot shop. We have a beautiful space to work in, all brick, 20 foot ceilings, big steel windows and great ventilation. I love the studio clean and the glass making tools organized. I am more creative when I know where every color and tool is. The shiny tools ensure beautiful glass. The colors are waiting their turn. Soon they’ll be creations of sparkling color.

Though there's a storm brewing in the Atlantic, we’ll get the studio up and running. We're packing our hurricane kit and acquiring needed supplies for a possible landfall. Friends will come in to help and that will keep our minds occupied on the positive. That’s how it is in Conway. We all help each other. Why is it the worst of times brings out the best in people? Last year Hurricane Florence devastated Conway with months of flooding. Homes in Conway, South Carolina are being demolished now and others are being rebuilt. Some families have moved back, others are leaving the area. Many residents are making plans for future displacement, this is inevitable.

water and ice hoarding...rumors of generators...Hurricane recipes shared...washing clothes and dishes...checking on friends...Florida evacuations 8 am Sunday...don’t forget the booze...

cow escapes flooding

Make plans now…

On Sunday, September 1,, Dorian is a Category 5 with winds at 180 mph. The hurricane is battering the Bahamas and still heading west. Forecasters predict the storm will hug the coast, head north and Myrtle Beach is right in the path. As we make preparations we're welcoming our Florida family to our home. We have a few days to make a decision of what to do and where to go.

making ice...pantry full...lots of love

The Governor announced a State of Emergency in South Carolina. Evacuations begin 8 am Monday morning. As of 8 pm forecasters still don't know when, where, or if Dorian will make landfall.

On Monday the Bahamas are battered and devastated. The hurricane is crawling at 1 mph. Dorian churns right off shore of Florida at 165 mph. The long Labor Day weekend is coming to an end and evacuations begin in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. Zone A evacuates today. I-26 is one-way out of Charleston to Columbia, South Carolina.. .

Every year the storms and flooding are more frequent and severe. My heart goes out to all in Dorian's path.

One more thing…Fast forward to Wednesday, September 4th, Dorian is a Cat 2 and is hugging the coast causing wind and flood damages. The forecasters predict Dorian is possibly making landfall on Thursday….probably.

As Ed installs hurricane shutters, I’ve got a few last minute things still to do. We hope your preparations are completed and your pantry is full, we’ll keep you posted. God Bless and stay safe.

Love ,

E & B