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Conway Glass
708 12th Ave.
Conway, SC 29526
tel: 843.248.3558

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708 12th Ave
Conway, SC 29526
United States

(843) 248-3558

Conway Glass offers quality glass and mirror products. Stained Glass, Shower Doors, Mirror, Insulated Glass and Blown Glass. We are unique in that we design, handcraft and teach about this amazing material.

Barbara Streeter Artist Statement


We’ve been running our glass business as a team for over 30 years. We made it through floods, the recession and lots of “learning experiences.” We’ve learned a lot over the years. Here you’ll get an inside look at how we make glass and run our business. We’ll showcase brand new products we’re making and share what we’ve learned and glass news you might be interested in.

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Ed & Barb Streeter

Barbara Streeter Artist Statement

Barbara Streeter

I create my art with colorful yarn, fabric, thread and glass. My work enhances the landscape with whimsical patterns of color that connect us to a happy time and place.

Natural Indigo Dyed Cotton & Silk

Natural Indigo Dyed Cotton & Silk

My ancestors were glass blowers and my father was a pattern maker and designer of women’s wear. Our house was always full of projects in process; sewing, quilting, knitting, embroidery, and fabrics of many textures, patterns and colors. I became fascinated with color and pattern at a very early age. For this reason, my work is deeply rooted in these practices. 

"I never met a color a didn't like" ~ Dale Chihuly

"I never met a color a didn't like" ~ Dale Chihuly


In my thirties, I experienced a horrific event that could have had a very destructive impact on my life. I chose to not revisit that place. I closed that door and to survive I welcomed the goodness that surrounds me everyday.  

Crocheted, knitted, yarn covered, vintage bicycle. - " Welcome Home"

Crocheted, knitted, yarn covered, vintage bicycle. - "Welcome Home"

I hope my work can open that door to happiness for others, if even for just a brief period of time.