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Conway Glass
708 12th Ave.
Conway, SC 29526
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708 12th Ave
Conway, SC 29526
United States

(843) 248-3558

Conway Glass offers quality glass and mirror products. Stained Glass, Shower Doors, Mirror, Insulated Glass and Blown Glass. We are unique in that we design, handcraft and teach about this amazing material.

Set of Six Hand Blown Glass Ornaments - Snowstorm Collection

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Blown glass ornaments are handcrafted by glass artisans using old world glass blowing techniques.

Each hand blown glass art piece is blown from 2150 degree glass. The glassblower gathers the glass using a long metal hollow rod. The artisan gives the glass a puff of air. Picking up color and melting it in at a reheating furnace the glass blower turns the pipe constantly.

Working with gravity, heat and air, we make colorful vases, paperweights, pumpkins and ornaments of all colors. We are happy to share our favorite glass creations with you! Each ornament is gift boxed and professionally packed and shipped.

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Set of Six Hand Blown Glass Ornaments - Snowstorm Collection


Set of Six Hand Blown Glass Ornaments - Snowstorm Collection


The Hand Blown Glass Snowstorm Collection includes six of our best selling Snowstorm Ornaments. Each ornament is 3 1/2 inches and hand blown using the traditional old world glass blowing method. Hang the collection in your windows as sun catchers for a year round sparkle of color and light! The Snowstorm Collection make the perfect gift for many occasion!

Hand crafted by glass artisans in South Carolina, USA.

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